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Applicant Pipeline Management

End-to-end Applicant Management, fully configurable to align to your specific processes.

  • Customisable online application builder
  • Online screening and scoring by one or more evaluators
  • Configurable business rules with push alerts / automated escalation
  • Complete history of interactions with each applicant
  • Applicant Messaging module
  • Interview organiser
  • Pipeline analysis reports and dashboards
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Incubatee Progress and Performance Management

Maintain a centralised, up-to-date summary of your client companies linked to each of your support programmes. Profiles Include:

  • Milestone based development plan (with progress monitor so you know when a client is ready to move to the next stage)
  • Business Model validation tools (aligned to Lean Startup & Customer Development best practises)
  • Health Metrics
  • Impact review
  • KPA Scorecard
  • Full timeline of all activities and achievements
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Mentoring and Business Development

Everything you need to effectively implement mentoring & business coaching initiatives:

  • Interactive mentor network
  • Establish online mentoring agreements and track the implementation
  • Tools for mentors to assess client progress and record meeting minutes
  • Online mentoring report submissions
  • Tools for incubatees to collaborate with their mentor / ask questions
  • Incubatee feedback forms
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    Fantastic product

    The Incubator Portal is a fantastic product - it's comprehensive enough to cover all the monitoring and evaluation areas associated with business incubation, yet user-friendly enough so that everyone can enjoy the functionality it provides. We've successfully rolled out the portal across all seven of our incubators. Now we're able to accurately monitor and report on the performance of each site using KPI dashboards and reports that have been customised to meet our specific requirements. The portal also provides us with an early detection system for problems within our client's businesses through the use of a company health monitor

    Michael Reddy, CEO Furntech Group


Training and Events Management

Full featured, enterprise-grade learning and development modules. Features include:

  • End to end tools to coordinate and manage training workshops, guest speakers, demo days, open days / info sessions, networking events and more
  • Training Plan builder (integrates with the development plan for automated progress tracking)
  • Notification tools, including Advert Builder
  • Track attendance and feedback after the event
  • Financial Organiser and document management
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Facilities Management

Effectively manage your shared facilities (such as meeting rooms) and dedicated facilities (i.e. offices)

  • Online shared facility bookings with workflow
  • Track office occupancy
  • Automated renewal alerts
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Funding and Investment Management

Manage your own investment fund or connect with investors who'd potentially be interested in funding your client companies:

  • Interactive investor network
  • Link funding disbursements to achievement of milestones
  • Track deal Flow
  • Track funding and investments made into each of your clients
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Key Performance / Economic Indicators

Set targets and track progress in real-time relating to key performance areas such as:

  • Job Creation (Disaggregated by gender, age, job type, nationality / ethnic origin)
  • Revenue Generated
  • Training Workshops & Mentoring
  • Facility Usage
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Analytics and Reporting

Generate a range of professionally formatted, fully automated reports covering areas such as:

  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Operational Reports
  • Application Pipeline Analysis
  • Detailed Beneficiary Analysis
  • KPI Reports (Focusing on Jobs, Revenue, and Support Services)
  • Individual client profiles
  • Training, mentoring, facilities
  • Funding and Investments
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Collaboration and Content Sharing

Create or join collaboration groups. Each group has sections for:

  • Member profiles with individual skills matrix
  • Questions & Answers
  • Surveys and Polls
  • Resources (documents, videos, photos)
  • Work Opportunities
  • Events
  • Project Directory with lessons learnt
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Support Request Management

Online support workflow ensuring your clients are able to request help when they need it:

  • Custom workflows for Training, Mentoring, Legal, Admin and Funding requests
  • Link budgets to each support category and track the amount spent against each
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Document Organiser

Enterprise grade document management with built-in pro-active compliancy monitors:

  • Upload files for clients, contacts, events or to the Community Group resource library
  • Receive automated alerts when key documents havent been uploaded
  • File and Folder level sharing and security
  • Bulk upload multiple documents at a time
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icon2 Support for multiple Programmes & Locations

Implement, monitor and track multiple concurrent programmes running across multiple locations

icon4 Secure, High Availability Hosting

We house our dedicated servers in a highly-secure EU Safe Habour data-centre in   London.

icon5 Secure Data

Encrypted credentials, SSL 256 and a range of other security enhancements ensures your data is kept safe.

icon1 Customisable & Configurable

All modules can be tailored to align to your specific process flows and reporting requirements

icon6 Support Agreements

Structure a support agreement aligned to your specific requirements.

icon3 Language Packs

Choose from our existing language packs, or request your own.

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    Definitely Best of Breed

    In a search for an effective and comprehensive incubator management system I compared the all the systems available internationally and have concluded that the Incubator Portal is definitely the best of breed. It offers an incredibly wide spectrum of functionality required by incubator managers and programme managers which no other system can come close to matching

    Leon Lourens, CEO African Business Incubation Institute

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    Powerful yet simple to Use

    The Incubator Portal is a powerful, yet simple to use, electronic interface for incubation management, decision making, collaboration, knowledge management, information sharing, monitoring, evaluation and reporting... one of its fantastic features is the vast amount of information that it can store and then automatically process and interpret. Furthermore, it can generate comparative programmatic reports automatically out of data from the different incubators on key indicators such as revenue generated, clients supported and jobs created

    Jean-Claude Bidogeza, Programme Manager, Fara